freeway park

Another Walk in the Park

Freeway Park that is. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was beautiful. Today – not so much.

Wow, nice light pole. Check out those globes!

Start looking up and these things are everywhere.

Holy crap! Another one.

It’s very hard to tell that your in a park in downtown Seattle except for the really tall buildings and freeway noise. That’s 2 Union Square rising up behind the light pole.

Guess what, another light pole.

This one has rectangular fixtures. I assume that these poles are used to mitigate the scariness factor when it gets dark. It can be a bit creepy ¬†at night, but I feel safe . It’s usually pretty busy with people walking to and from work. They also have officers patrolling the park constantly.

My walk to the studio

I live on Capitol Hill/First Hill in Seattle so it’s easy to walk almost anywhere. My studio is in the International District, about a 30 minute journey. Here are a few highlights along the way.

I walk through Freeway Park almost everyday. It spans the interstate from First Hill to Downtown. It was designed by famed landscape architect Lawrence Halprin.

One entrance into the park.

It is a very well maintained park, though still a bit creepy at night. For an urban dweller, it is a wonderful respite from dodging cars.

The downtown library. An amazing building and an such a great resource.

The King County Administration Building otherwise known as the Honeycomb Hideout. This view looks up to the skybridge that connects to both the county courthouse and the county jail. I enjoy it but many think it’s the ugliest building in Seattle.

Michael Spafford’s Tumbling Figures – Five Stages at the King County Parking Facility at 5th & Jefferson. I love this piece of public art. This was relocated from the Kingdome where it resided for nearly 20 years! More info here.

Seahawks fans getting ready for the game this past Sunday.

Final destination. Hmm, egg salad. This is better than many of the presents left on my doorstep.