Weapons, Curiosities, Beer, and Boats

There are no WMD’s or guns in my humble studio. I have two “weapons” besides the makeshift (screw drivers, hammers, nail guns, cauldrons of boiling oil, etc.).

Officially known as Joan of Arc’s sword (for Rebecca’s Halloween costume two years ago) it is actually based on Aragorn’s sword in Lord of  the Rings.

Rebecca lets me keep her sword in the studio, alas it is plastic, though it does have the advantage of being light.

Brass knuckles, Travis’ parting gift. For those late night rambles around the ID. Certainly not as awesome as Debra Baxter’s version, but they’ll do in a pinch.

How about a brass knuckle sandwich?

Now for the curiosities, beer, and boats:

Above the fridge, Bill Whipple made a sculpture (or maybe a joke) about my work by attaching an iron ball (hidden) from an ore crusher to a homemade kite string spool. Below Bill are a couple of pieces from John Grade who has the space next to mine. If you haven’t seen his work – get cracking. He has an installation at the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham through April 10.

And in the fridge, growlers from Georgetown Brewery.

And last but not least, my friend Shawn needed some space to outfit his boat for which he received a commission.