Hanging out with Adam Satushek’s photos at Platform

Stephen is on vacation (well deserved) and I’m sitting the gallery for him today. I get to spend time with Adam’s exceptional photos.

Helicopter, archival pigment print, 40 x 63 inches, 2009, edition of 5

From the press release:

Adam Satushek pays close attention to the ways that human beings influence their surroundings through the traces that are left behind and the impact on the landscape from behaviors, movements, and alterations. His work captures the odd and unintended intersections of common, forgotten objects with the natural environment; an environment which then must bear the mark of that uninvited partnership and struggle mightily to maintain its dignity.

They are LARGE and beautifully printed. And odd – in a good way.

Adam’s photos are on view through May 8, 2010 at Platform Gallery.

Grand Coulee Adventure!

Rebecca wanted to find some sun for her birthday, so we headed to Eastern Washington the first week of April. Grand Coulee to be specific.

Once we crossed the mountains the sun shone and our spirits lifted. First stop, Frenchman’s Coulee.

We hiked around for an hour or so, enjoying the sun. We saw wild flowers, an abandoned car and this:

We got back in the car, hit the road and stopped for lunch in Soap Lake at the B & B Drive-In. We hoped we would see Claude Zervas who has property here, but he must’ve been back in Seattle.

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Meanwhile, back at the Sidereal…

Sheila and I have been dialing in the acid bath for the perfect etch. Well, mostly Sheila, I usually just do what she says, ” Do not put your hand in the acid, please.”

Since this is a new shop, she has been ramping it back up for production work. Anyone who has ever moved understands, everything changes! All of that motor memory from the last place has to be discarded. New pathways in the brain must be formed!

Soon we’ll be etching for real, but until then a few photos of Sidereal Press and it’s environs:

There be critters:

The pool:

Back in the shop, we gather around the hotplate:

Sheila inking a plate:

And one of our many tests of the soft ground:

Quote of the Day

Sick.In bed. On a GORGEOUS Seattle Saturday. Ugh. Trying out a laundry list of cold medicines to alleviate MULTIPLE symptoms. Don’t worry. Not at the same time. Watching college basketball with the sound down while leafing through Pauline Kael’s “For Keeps.”

Damn Straight!

I almost spewed herbal tea on my lap when I read this line from her review of Return of the Jedi from 1983, “Yoda looks like a wonton and talks like a fortune cookie.”

Thanks Pauline.

Ideat Magazine

Ideat, a culture magazine based in France, sent a journalist and photographer to report on Seattle. Somehow they ended up ay my studio after First Thursday. Actually, Deborah Paine was their tour guide that evening and we work together at the City of Seattle

From L to R: Tod Gangler, Deborah Paine, Jean Michel de Alberti, Jean-Claude Figenwald

Tod Gangler, Seattle based photographer, was our translator. Jean Michel is writing the piece, and Jean-Claude was the photographer. They were in the midst of an intense week of experiencing Seattle. They changed hotels every day, ate out every meal, had tours of cultural destinations, and had about an hour of free time a day. Sounds grueling.

We had planned to have a few beers in the studio and go out for Chinese, but ended up just hanging out. I think they were relieved not to have to go out for dinner. It was a fun evening. I look forward to seeing the spread. Until then, “Vive la France!”


In January Rebecca and I got to visit briefly with Marc Dombrosky and Shannon Eakins at Marc’s show at Platform. My post about “Neverland” here. They have relocated to Las Vegas while Shannon pursues her MFA. We miss them.

Marc recently sent me a gift of one of his lovely embroidered pieces. Thanks Marc! I have it in the studio beside a pair of Marc and Shannon’s “Tacoma Drinkers.”  These are leather beer holsters that attach to your belt loops for two fisted drinking.

It should say "Wet Beer."

Plus we have this:

T-Town should by a gross of these!

We hope to visit them in Vegas soon.

Michael Schall and Dan Webb.

Michael Schall at Platform. Makes you want to put down your pencil, this guy is that good. Not just little drawings, either. Case in point:

Battle at Sea, graphite on paper, 70 x 94 inches, 2008

The detail is crazy, plus he gets some serious shadow:

Hoover Dam, graphite on paper, 36 x 60 inches, 2010

Then, when you are finished with THAT pile of rigor and dedication, check out Dan Webb’s show at Greg Kucera Gallery. Get another dose, this time the sculptural equivalent.

FORTRESS, 2009 Carved wood (Cedar) 44 X 28 X 29 inches

Check out this beauty:

WOODYLION, 2009 Carved Redwood 32 x 14 x 11 inches

Now it’s time to go back to the studio and get to work. Or, if you’re a collector – get out the checkbook.

Sidereal Press

Yeah – I haven’t posted for a while. Not because I’m lazy (maybe a little) just busy.  I have this grant to make a print. Thanks 4Culture! (Go here to learn how you can help 4Culture keep their funding source.)

So I get to work with Sheila Coppola at Sidereal Press to make a suite of etchings. She has this amazing new shop in Tukwila.

Sidereal Press' new digs in Tukwila.


This place is very spacious!

I’m a wee bit jealous at this point. Great light, high ceilings, elbow room. Studio envy?

The lovely proprietress, Sheila Coppola!

I can’t wait until next week – perhaps by then we’ll have pulled a proof. I’ll have evidence that I’ve been productive. In the meantime I leave you to contemplate the Putz!

Hey Putz!