There and Back Again

Or how Rebecca and I walked to the Henry Art Gallery and back. Whew. Almost  8 miles.

The Henry had the goods, per usual. Their website here. We caught the last day of Joe Park and Jennifer Zwick’s sweet installation at The Gift Shop.  That’s when you walk in the front door, then you get Eirik Johnson: Sawdust Mountain, Polaroids: Mapplethorpe – and that’s just upstairs. Downstairs is anchored by Vortexhibition Polyphonica. There’s more. Go see.

On the way back we caught the last day of Claire Cowie’s show at Gage Academy.  Glad we went and so was Regina Hackett . Thanks to Joey Veltkamp for the reminder.

Anywho. Pics from our walk.


Light poles.

Planter on the west side of I-5 in Eastlake.

Check out this houseboat!

Who painted the doorway? Dale?

Sailboat out from under the University Bridge.

Now for the way back…

The Montlake cut looking West.

Taking a path under 520 to the Montlake Playfield.

After we emerge, so pretty.

Yep, right beside 520.

Wall berries.

That’s it. Too exhausted to take anymore pics.

Another Walk in the Park

Freeway Park that is. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was beautiful. Today – not so much.

Wow, nice light pole. Check out those globes!

Start looking up and these things are everywhere.

Holy crap! Another one.

It’s very hard to tell that your in a park in downtown Seattle except for the really tall buildings and freeway noise. That’s 2 Union Square rising up behind the light pole.

Guess what, another light pole.

This one has rectangular fixtures. I assume that these poles are used to mitigate the scariness factor when it gets dark. It can be a bit creepy  at night, but I feel safe . It’s usually pretty busy with people walking to and from work. They also have officers patrolling the park constantly.