It was cold. It started snowing. People came anyway!

Thanks to everyone that stopped by for the “Dog ‘n’ Pony.” Thanks to Sheila for hosting.

Thanks to 4Culture for helping make this possible.

I’m hoping to host something at my studio for those that couldn’t make it.

Here are a few pics from the event (thanks Rebecca):

We are hiding our nervousness through laughter.
Umm, what do we do now? Who are all these people?
This had better work! Sheila at the press...
Whew. It worked! Sheila once again pulls a good print.

Meanwhile, back at the Sidereal…

Sheila and I have been dialing in the acid bath for the perfect etch. Well, mostly Sheila, I usually just do what she says, ” Do not put your hand in the acid, please.”

Since this is a new shop, she has been ramping it back up for production work. Anyone who has ever moved understands, everything changes! All of that motor memory from the last place has to be discarded. New pathways in the brain must be formed!

Soon we’ll be etching for real, but until then a few photos of Sidereal¬†Press and it’s environs:

There be critters:

The pool:

Back in the shop, we gather around the hotplate:

Sheila inking a plate:

And one of our many tests of the soft ground:

Sidereal Press

Yeah – I haven’t posted for a while. Not because I’m lazy (maybe a little) just busy. ¬†I have this grant to make a print. Thanks 4Culture! (Go here to learn how you can help 4Culture keep their funding source.)

So I get to work with Sheila Coppola at Sidereal Press to make a suite of etchings. She has this amazing new shop in Tukwila.

Sidereal Press' new digs in Tukwila.


This place is very spacious!

I’m a wee bit jealous at this point. Great light, high ceilings, elbow room. Studio envy?

The lovely proprietress, Sheila Coppola!

I can’t wait until next week – perhaps by then we’ll have pulled a proof. I’ll have evidence that I’ve been productive. In the meantime I leave you to contemplate the Putz!

Hey Putz!