Meanwhile back at the Farmhouse

Finally a post, eh? Summer is over. Time to update.

Been busy with a new house, new studio – new pathways in the brain. Finally feeling settled.

The new digs - definitely not downtown Seattle anymore.

South Seattle – Rainier Beach to be exact. No more ten minute walks to work. The two car garage is the new studio.

Where will it all go?

And upstairs from the studio – a bonus room:

The clubhouse.

Rebecca and I really love it here.

And, finally some new work!

Might Be Time To Reconsider, 44" x 30", gouache and graphite on paper, 2010

I’m Having A Gimlet!

My apologies for not posting. Busy moving to a new house and studio. Trying to update my blog software and losing all of my images. Hence the Gimlet(s). This maybe the only image for a bit while I sort out the damage. Arrgh.

Attention Artists! ID studio available.

It has been a bit since I posted. Been in the crazy world of buying and selling real estate in this strange economic climate. Hard to focus on anything else. But we are heading into the final stages – I hope. Fingers crossed, but the condo has sold which was the hardest part.

Rebecca and I are moving from condo to house mid-month which means giving up my ID studio of 5 years. Which means some lucky person can have this great space.

And of course I have stuff, I mean amazing “things” to get rid of to gift to other artists, like these crates of varying sizes:

And other odds and ends.

If you are interested in the space or the crates or the odds and ends please let me know.

I’m out at the end of June.

Press For Sale!


Yep, that’s right. I’m putting my beloved (11 yr. old) press on the block. Just haven’t been using it enough. Plus, it looks like I’ll be having to move my studio in the not too distant future.

Asking $4,500 OBO. Comes with blankets and a bunch of ink. It can be disassembled enough to get it through a regular sized doorway.

Wow, what a beauty!

Save the date! Thursday, May 6th.

I’ll be opening my studio door next week for First Thursday. That’s May 6th. I’ll be there all day until 8:30 or 9 pm, so feel free to stop by early if you can’t later. If I don’t answer the door, I’m over at Uwajimaya buying supplies.

I’m across the street from the International District bus tunnel entrance. A perfect stop between Pioneer Square and Lawrimore Project.

Here’s a sample of new work:


Have you been to the Museum of Northwest Art? If you haven’t you should. It is located in La Conner, WA just a short drive north of Seattle.

The wonderful curator, Kathleen Moles has been mounting some very interesting shows so do yourself a favor and check it out.

This looks especially tasty:


March 13, 2010 – June 13, 2010
Kathleen and other curators pair artists of different generations together. Can’t wait to see it!

And don’t forget to say hello to Dirty Biter while in town:

Hanging out with Adam Satushek’s photos at Platform

Stephen is on vacation (well deserved) and I’m sitting the gallery for him today. I get to spend time with Adam’s exceptional photos.

Helicopter, archival pigment print, 40 x 63 inches, 2009, edition of 5

From the press release:

Adam Satushek pays close attention to the ways that human beings influence their surroundings through the traces that are left behind and the impact on the landscape from behaviors, movements, and alterations. His work captures the odd and unintended intersections of common, forgotten objects with the natural environment; an environment which then must bear the mark of that uninvited partnership and struggle mightily to maintain its dignity.

They are LARGE and beautifully printed. And odd – in a good way.

Adam’s photos are on view through May 8, 2010 at Platform Gallery.

Grand Coulee Adventure!

Rebecca wanted to find some sun for her birthday, so we headed to Eastern Washington the first week of April. Grand Coulee to be specific.

Once we crossed the mountains the sun shone and our spirits lifted. First stop, Frenchman’s Coulee.

We hiked around for an hour or so, enjoying the sun. We saw wild flowers, an abandoned car and this:

We got back in the car, hit the road and stopped for lunch in Soap Lake at the B & B Drive-In. We hoped we would see Claude Zervas who has property here, but he must’ve been back in Seattle.

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