My Show At The Telephone Room

Is You Is? at The Telephone Room

My installation “Is You Is?” at The Telephone Room in Tacoma. I have a drawing that covers the ceiling, which means I had to remove the light fixture, cut a hole in my drawing, and hope to hell I measured correctly. I Did. Whew. I completed the installation by putting a drawing in the window and in the alcove under the phone, placing 10 small drawings on the shelves under the window and one on the shelf by the door.

Yep, it really is a telephone room with a WORKING rotary phone. It is in someone’s home and it measures something like 33″ wide by 63″ deep. That someone is Heide Fernandez-Llamazares and along with Marty Gengenbach and Ellen Ito form the team responsible for this great little space.

It was a fun opening – they even provided me with some bourbon to get through my pre-opening jitters on Wednesday night.

Thanks Telephone Room!