Sidereal Press

Yeah – I haven’t posted for a while. Not because I’m lazy (maybe a little) just busy.  I have this grant to make a print. Thanks 4Culture! (Go here to learn how you can help 4Culture keep their funding source.)

So I get to work with Sheila Coppola at Sidereal Press to make a suite of etchings. She has this amazing new shop in Tukwila.

Sidereal Press' new digs in Tukwila.


This place is very spacious!

I’m a wee bit jealous at this point. Great light, high ceilings, elbow room. Studio envy?

The lovely proprietress, Sheila Coppola!

I can’t wait until next week – perhaps by then we’ll have pulled a proof. I’ll have evidence that I’ve been productive. In the meantime I leave you to contemplate the Putz!

Hey Putz!