Best SD WAN Features

SD WAN makes leveraging different transport methods easy, thereby enabling high availability configurations that help reduce single points of failure. With a high-speed DC power and two LAN ports, you can simply and securely connect your storage to the network to expand your services with very little effort, if you want to learn more about this area, check this

Backwards Compatibility for Linux and Windows

With dual-band, high-performance dual-band Gigabit Ethernet support, your data can flow between your two identical Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 or Centrino Advanced-N 6250 servers running at the same time. Take advantage of this automatic failover mode, which automatically switches from the Centrino Advanced-N 6235 server to the Centrino Advanced-N 6250 server if one dies. Your data stays in one place, even if one of your Centrino servers goes down.

High-Speed USB 3.0 Network

With the support of USB 3.0, with USB ports up to 10 times faster than the USB 2.0 standard, the HP DL380 G7 provides you with high-speed transfer speeds that enable you to install any applications or games and play games on all of your computers and the Internet. You can also transfer and stream music, video, and large files to any computer in the house via the Gigabit network connection. You can also connect USB hard drives and flash drives up to 500GB in size. And you can share folders, multimedia, and documents.

Embedded, High-Speed USB 3.0 Hub

To enhance the capability of your servers and storage, this HP DL380 G7 supports the IEEE 802.3af/b/g/n (MAC/Ethernet over USB) standard. This connection means you can transfer files at speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0. With no extra adapters, your current connections will stay in place for a smooth upgrade. You also get useful features like device discovery for installing applications, operating systems, and drivers right on your server, operating system and driver installation from USB. You can also operate a device remotely, which enables you to transfer files without having to install a special driver.

100% Commercial-Grade Security

The HP DL380 G7 supports several industry standards, including the latest encryption standards such as AES 256-bit Secure Advanced Encryption Standard (AES/RSA) and TCG Puma. Secure Boot ensures a trusted, locked-down operating system environment with access to all your software and data. 

Seattle Reminds Me of Montreal

Well, not really but something IN Seattle did take my mind back to Montreal. Rebecca and I visited Montreal back in 2005.  We visited the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal and were wowed by L’Envers des apparences or The Wrong Side of Appearances.

I had seen Tim Lee’s work in Seattle before, and soon after returning I was actually in a show with Kelly Mark at COCA called Wish, curated by Jim O’Donnell.  Then Kelly appeared at the Henry in 2006. Her  website here. Then at Platform in 2008. Can you tell I like her work? Note: I was a part owner of Platform from 2004-2009.

Ok, ok. The reason for this post. Last week I went to see the Sutton, Beres, Culler show at Lawrimore Project. Jen Graves blogs about the show at The Stranger. Go see it.

They have a piece in the back called pPod:

pPod 2007 Fiberglas, aluminum, vinyl, security cameras, CB radio, audio system, LCD monitors, steel, rubber, Plexiglas  48 x 30 x 78 inches
pPod, 2007 fiberglas, aluminum, vinyl, security cameras, CB radio, audio system, LCD monitors, steel, rubber, Plexiglas 48 x 30 x 78 inches

It is a very well appointed, highly portable personal space. As you gaze into it you can hear the stereo play. It’s a fun piece.

It reminded me of this piece by Yannick Pouliot, titled Le Courtisan.

2002 Wood, painted plaster, luster and soundtrack 199 x 47 x 47
Le Coutisan, 2002 wood, painted plaster, luster and soundtrack 199" x 47" x 47"

As  we meandered through the museum we kept hearing music start then abruptly stop. We finally came up this tall ramshackle octagon with exposed 2″ x 4″s and plywood. When people opened the tall, skinny door and went in there was a flash of light and music.  So with a sense of trepidation (who knows what you’ll be confronted with in a museum) I stepped in.  The chandelier lights up, music (classical baroque I think) blares and you are confronted with this highly refined but tiny space. You have enough room to turn around and look up. Completely took me by surprise. I keep wishing I will see it again someday.

Happy Friday!

Louis Jordan

I learned about Louis Jordan when I worked as a cook for a Tex-Mex resaurant in Juneau, AK in the earl 90’s.  The Telephone Room has a nice post about Jordan here complete with a video of the Muppets covering one of his songs. Regina Hackett linked to Louis Jordan’s Is You Is or Is You Ain’t (My Baby) in her post about my show at The Telephone Room . The show ends November 30th.

Below, another on of my Louis Jordan favorites.



There and Back Again

Or how Rebecca and I walked to the Henry Art Gallery and back. Whew. Almost  8 miles.

The Henry had the goods, per usual. Their website here. We caught the last day of Joe Park and Jennifer Zwick’s sweet installation at The Gift Shop.  That’s when you walk in the front door, then you get Eirik Johnson: Sawdust Mountain, Polaroids: Mapplethorpe – and that’s just upstairs. Downstairs is anchored by Vortexhibition Polyphonica. There’s more. Go see.

On the way back we caught the last day of Claire Cowie’s show at Gage Academy.  Glad we went and so was Regina Hackett . Thanks to Joey Veltkamp for the reminder.

Anywho. Pics from our walk.


Light poles.

Planter on the west side of I-5 in Eastlake.

Check out this houseboat!

Who painted the doorway? Dale?

Sailboat out from under the University Bridge.

Now for the way back…

The Montlake cut looking West.

Taking a path under 520 to the Montlake Playfield.

After we emerge, so pretty.

Yep, right beside 520.

Wall berries.

That’s it. Too exhausted to take anymore pics.